Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Weekend

Thursday: (Evening) start editing opening title sequence and write/send digital call sheet.

Friday: (Morning) : send out copies of the finalized digital production book. (Afternoon) : Shopping trip to Home Depot, Dollar Store, and craft store. Make Cygni Cancerii and Time Agency signs. (Evening) Build Agent Harris' office set.

Saturday: (Morning) Me, Matt, Beate, Johnny + production assistants meet at my house (7am) pile into a truck and couple of cars and leave to Burbank. We have to have the TARDIS out of it's current location by 12:00pm So at worst, we end up back here at 2:00.
2:00 - All available actors show up and run lines until off book.
4:00 - Focus with actors shifts to specific notes and finalizing costumes.
6:00 - Dinner
6:30 - Head to office and film 1st scene
9:00 - S.C. Upload office footage into computer

Sunday: Be at Dana Point tide pools by 9am for my freaking Biology Lab
Afternoon: Edit office footage, final home set construction. M.H. & J.L. Go over and finalize audio.

10:00 am - Arriving at school to assemble some set pieces.
1:00 pm - We're let into the studio:
- Hang and set lights
- Assemble set
- Finalize graphics as much as possible
- Go over audio (1-2pm)
- Set up and roll part one of special effect (4:00)
- Bring in TARDIS & assemble (4:30)
- Roll part 2 special effect (5:30)
- Get out at 6:00
6:30pm - American Studies quiz and class.

7:15am - Crew call (ALL crew)/production meeting
7:30am - Let in studio, check lighting, start setting up audio.
8:00am - Actors arrive, directly into wardrobe and makeup, when done go to set and run lines. All lighting is finalized.
8:30am - No camera run through.
9:00am - Studio gets set up.
9:30am - Camera run through.
10:00am - Get rolling.

Theoretical early wrap:
11:00am - swap to Time General office set.
11:30am - roll
12:00pm - wrap!!!

And then I have class on Wednesday and a post production report due on Thursday. And then I will sleep the great sleep of freedom.

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