Sunday, May 18, 2008

Doctor Who and the Agency of Time

All things going to plan, Doctor Who and the Agency of Time will be airing on my YouTube channel at 7:00 pm. PST this Friday evening. Link to come soon.

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's done!!!

Kinda. There is still editing that needs to occur. The scheduling was intense all week but we made it through and I even managed to get my school work in. Overall I'm very happy with the project. There were plenty of things that could have gone better but it was a huge, difficult project and the fact that we pulled it off is an accomplishment in itself. I haven't gotten a chance to see it back yet and I really can't wait. :) Now I clean up, relax, recover, and edit the first scene.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Weekend

Thursday: (Evening) start editing opening title sequence and write/send digital call sheet.

Friday: (Morning) : send out copies of the finalized digital production book. (Afternoon) : Shopping trip to Home Depot, Dollar Store, and craft store. Make Cygni Cancerii and Time Agency signs. (Evening) Build Agent Harris' office set.

Saturday: (Morning) Me, Matt, Beate, Johnny + production assistants meet at my house (7am) pile into a truck and couple of cars and leave to Burbank. We have to have the TARDIS out of it's current location by 12:00pm So at worst, we end up back here at 2:00.
2:00 - All available actors show up and run lines until off book.
4:00 - Focus with actors shifts to specific notes and finalizing costumes.
6:00 - Dinner
6:30 - Head to office and film 1st scene
9:00 - S.C. Upload office footage into computer

Sunday: Be at Dana Point tide pools by 9am for my freaking Biology Lab
Afternoon: Edit office footage, final home set construction. M.H. & J.L. Go over and finalize audio.

10:00 am - Arriving at school to assemble some set pieces.
1:00 pm - We're let into the studio:
- Hang and set lights
- Assemble set
- Finalize graphics as much as possible
- Go over audio (1-2pm)
- Set up and roll part one of special effect (4:00)
- Bring in TARDIS & assemble (4:30)
- Roll part 2 special effect (5:30)
- Get out at 6:00
6:30pm - American Studies quiz and class.

7:15am - Crew call (ALL crew)/production meeting
7:30am - Let in studio, check lighting, start setting up audio.
8:00am - Actors arrive, directly into wardrobe and makeup, when done go to set and run lines. All lighting is finalized.
8:30am - No camera run through.
9:00am - Studio gets set up.
9:30am - Camera run through.
10:00am - Get rolling.

Theoretical early wrap:
11:00am - swap to Time General office set.
11:30am - roll
12:00pm - wrap!!!

And then I have class on Wednesday and a post production report due on Thursday. And then I will sleep the great sleep of freedom.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

It was only a matter of time

I blame the bad influence of certain writers for the existence of this blog. I have my livejournal for personal stuff and this blog for the projects that like to go pouring out my ears. Speaking of, I have a producer to drop of and a space ship to build.