Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lots of projects in the air. School demands some things, like the kick off of a feature-length script, a 30 min version of that script and a 3-5 minute short script to be filmed (on film) next semester. I'm positive about the whole process.

Fan projects are always going. I have a couple epic Torchwood stories I want to go back to and a Girl Number 9 casefile that is just waiting to be proofread before I post it. I'm also kicking off an experimental comic strip as a present for Gareth. Ianto Jones: Hidden Depths. A cracked, sci-fi soap/action drama about the rebirth and adventures of a post Children of Earth Ianto.

A Gamble with Time casino night is coming up at Gallifrey One in Feb. Planning for that begins amongst the Torchwood3 kids on Dec. 20th. Anyone involved in that will get info on it shortly thereafter. (I like that word, "thereafter" I've been shy about using it in the past, but I've gone with it twice today.)