Saturday, June 22, 2013

I had this moment where I was looking at pop up changing tents so I could change from my Arrow costume into my Captain America costume while waiting in the hall H line. Instead I'm just going to wear long underwear. #likeaboss

Friday, June 21, 2013

Before this thing was just about my film projects, but to be honest, I'm usually too busy when I'm working on them to actually post about them. Now it's about me. If you care. Which you might, cause you're here. Today involves: Getting ready for SDCC, and then going to work (Disneyland, selling portraits from 3:30-midnight. Say hi if you're around.) I don't think I've ever had such a holistic convention preparing experience ever. The thing about SDCC; it is so big and wonderful and epic and ohgod it only happens once a year and GEEK MECCA for serious- anyway, it's big and full of amazing things so I want to get the most out of it. Thus I have been planning, packing, researching, making lists, finding zen, etc. I will attack this con with a ferocity I have never before possessed. Hopefully the actual convention schedule will comply. Costumes that are going with me as of now are: *Kate Bishop (HAWKEYE "Girls" scooter outfit) *Lady Captain America *Slade Wilson (CW's Arrow) Arcade Gannon (Fallout: New Vegas- voiced by Zachary Levi) Shatterstar (Current run of X-Factor) Laruel Lance (CW's Arrow) Tommy Merlyn (CW's Arrow) Ianto Jones (Torchwood) I am for sure wearing the top three with the *. Slade will be Saturday for the Arrow panel, and I think Kate will be Friday for the SHIELD panel. If you are excited for SDCC and want to know how I'm obsessively keeping up to date, I follow: SDCC Blog: These guys are awesome. Outside Comic Con: One of the SDCC blog people runs this. Nerd Machine: They do Nerd HQ. And this is my epic twitter list full of all the people who may tweet something valuable during the comic con weekend. I'll post some of my lists and research as I work on them. :)